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Sella Blog - August, 2009

Lamborghini Murcielago

Father’s Day is this Sunday the 6th of September and there are some great bargains for dad this week on sella.

If your dad’s a petrol head how about a 540 horsepower ride in a Lamborghini Murcielago V12 Supercar? The rides in Whitianga so why not buy a GPS and radar detector as well for the drive home (just in case).

Spring is a great time to head outdoors and get ready for summer with bbq accessories and garden tools. Perhaps dad [...]

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8. Diy Presidential Haircut

Every now and then we get some interesting once in a lifetime items on sella. Spotted last week, a fine piece of John F Kennedy’s hair and all the supporting documents.  This could be your chance to grab a piece of extremely rare and collectable piece of history.

Top 10 things you can do with JFK’s hair

8. DIY Presidential Haircut

Paris Hiltons next lot of hair extensions
Send to Mythbusters for testing if hair is flammable
Use the DNA contained in the hair [...]

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Ever thought of running the length of New Zealand? Sergeant Alexander McKenzie has already done the equivalent of this four times in 2009, and he has no plans to stop just yet.

McKenzie has already run more than 7000 kilometres this year as he trains to be one of the first New Zealand representatives at the 24 Hour Ultra Distance Commonwealth Running Championships

McKenzie is one of only three athletes, and the only male, who has been picked to represent New Zealand [...]

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Following on from the telethon sella.co.nz has been growing like crazy.  Traffic has grown 50% week on week to over 105,000 users each week.  We are on track to have 350,000 users this month!  up from 260,000 in July.

Total listings on the site crept over 90,000 this morning which is huge – getting closer to the magical 100,000 mark.

The best part is that our number of bids and items sold are well over 300% growth over our previous weeks which [...]

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Like any growing business we love any media exposure we can get our hands on. You can use this time to expose your business to new users, introduce new products or promotions, or even thank those hard working employees you have …..


Sella doing the robot

In our defense, this was about 3.30am and we had not slept since 6am the previous day.

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This morning between the hours of 4am and 5:30am our email provider, Campaign Monitor, experienced difficulties with a number of their customers, including sella.co.nz

This resulted in a number of old and draft sella emails being sent to a select group of sella members. This activity was completely out of the control of sella, however we are still working as hard as we can to understand and remedy this issue.

We have been assured by Campaign Monitor that this issue has now [...]

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On Friday sella had the chance to meet John Key as part of the Big Night In build up. John was invited out to meet the children at Otahuhu Primary School, and also to see the amazing “New Zealand Apple”.  The Big Night In is on the 8th and 9th of August and there are going to be over 150 auctions on sella.

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