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Sella Blog - July, 2010


We are excited to announce that sella Motoring is now the official provider of motoring listings to the New Zealand Herald’s Online Motoring section. All motoring listings can now be searched by NZ Herald users meaning the chance of a potential buyer finding your car has grown even more. Better yet it is still 100% FREE to load your motoring listing onto sella!

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Ever wondering about the validity of viral marketing ? Yesterday on www.grabone.co.nz 10,000 Movie Tickets were purchased within a matter of a few hours, based on some initial emails, Facebook posts and Twitter messages. At sella we love the power of the internet being combined with an great deal. What an amazing success!

Check out this review by our friends at  www.onedaydeals.co.nz talking about the launch and success of GrabOne. One Day Deals is a great way to see all [...]

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Download the sella iPhone App

The new iPhone App for sella has launched today. It makes it easy to buy and sell items through your iPhone on sella.

It’s free to download so there is no excuse not to use it, or at the least try it and let us know what you think.

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