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Have you seen those guys in the park at night waving fire around? It looks really cool and is called fire poi, funnily enough there are some fire pois listed on sella.

Check out the vid below and read “Am I ready for fire?” on Home of Poi.

“No fire spinner never burns themselves and most have a distinct lack of body hair on their arms.”

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8. Diy Presidential Haircut

Every now and then we get some interesting once in a lifetime items on sella. Spotted last week, a fine piece of John F Kennedy’s hair and all the supporting documents. ┬áThis could be your chance to grab a piece of extremely rare and collectable piece of history.

Top 10 things you can do with JFK’s hair

8. DIY Presidential Haircut

Paris Hiltons next lot of hair extensions
Send to Mythbusters for testing if hair is flammable
Use the DNA contained in the hair [...]

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Like any growing business we love any media exposure we can get our hands on. You can use this time to expose your business to new users, introduce new products or promotions, or even thank those hard working employees you have …..


Sella doing the robot

In our defense, this was about 3.30am and we had not slept since 6am the previous day.

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For a limited time only you can buy your very own Concrete Mixer on sella right now. $3000 only. The options for fun you can have with a machine like this are unlimited !

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Stuck for a unique idea for a Hen’s or Stag party ? Why not try Combat Zone in Whitianga.

“Guns ‘n Roses” package is for 10 lovely ladies with 150 paintballs per person. Includes overalls, face shield, bodyarmour, neck protector and gloves.
Two great fields “Bush Battles” and Trench Warfare”. Our feedback is tremendous!!


BUBBLES! Yep, after the game receive a complimentary glass of bubbles to congratulate yourselves on a mission completed!


Sink into the heavenly depths of The Lost Springs, Whitianga’s [...]

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