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Right.. here’s one that might be a bit of fun. The more we think about it, the more different ways it can be used. Im sure you’ll find ways we never thought of..
Now you can list your items for sale on your Facebook page.. We don’t want to give you too much info at this stage as we don’t want to limit the ways you might think about using it.

Basically, we imagine this one being of use to you small guys [...]

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Here’s another piece of code-trickery the boys have cooked up.

It’s now even easier to share your stuff with your mates.. put it on your Facebook timeline so everyone can see it. there’s nothing better than trading with people you know.. takes a lot of the awkwardness and hassle out of the transaction. plus, who knows.. you may end up trading with your mate Bruce, cause he’s finally ready to part with that classic BSA Thunderbird and your complete collection of [...]

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Get ready to KYCG..

We’ve launched a great new way for you to get rid of your car quickly.

We’ve partnered with the New Zealand Herald and its regional partners to push your online Sella ‘car for sale’ listing into your local newspaper. We’ll have more news on this shortly, but for now keep an eye out when you list your old car for sale on Sella. Or you can even promote a car listing you’ve already got on Sella.co.nz.

Kiss Your Car [...]

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Our Developer Monkeys have sneaked in another piece of new kit !!  We usually dont like to leave them unsupervised, but in this case they’ve actually churned out something useful.

If you’re shipping via NZ Post – you can now enter your NZ Post Tracking Code directly from your SOLD items page.  Just look for the ‘Confirm Delivery Dispatched’ button.

Buyers, you’ll be able to ‘view delivery dispatch’ from your Items You’ve Purchased page.

Have a play with it and, as usual, let [...]

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As always, we work hard to make things better and easier for you, the sella faithful. So we’re pleased to announce  a few more new features to sella.

It is now possible to search within store/member listings. Just go to the store/member details page and the new search box is on the right besides the categories.

Also added is the ability to import your Trade Me”My Products”, just in time to skip the fee increases on “the other site” . In drafts [...]

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Hey, we’ve rolled out something new.. Fixed Price Offers are live on-site.  Now there are even more ways to get a deal

done.. FPO gives you the tools to make and request offers at the end of your auctions. We sneaked this stuff in over

night and 100’s of you have found it already.. for more details check here.

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The message boards are here!
Why don’t you jump on in, take a look around and maybe even leave a comment or start a thread of your own.

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It’s been another great week for independent businesses picking up premium advertising on Sella through the Sella Advertising Reach auctions.

Great Deal

The best deal to go this week was the 50,000 premium Ad Impressions targeted to the Motoring section which were picked up by Stereotype Hifi for $51.00 or in CPM (refer to last weeks post for definition) terms $1.02.   Brendan Smith of Stereotype Hifi said “As a small NZ business with limited marketing budget, we were very excited to [...]

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Hi all,

We told everyone that we would listen to feedback about everything for the site, and change stuff when the majority of users wanted it.

In the last week there has been a massive increase in people asking for a Message Board system – so, we’ve decided to build one.

We have some really cool stuff coming out in the next 4 weeks that the MB’s will be built into – we think you will like it, and we think its superior [...]

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Just Click

Last week we launched a trial store initiative called “Sella Advertising Reach“.  This initiative has been aimed at giving independent businesses in New Zealand the opportunity mix it with the big brands and purchase our premium island ad or 300×250 position via what else but a Sella Auction.   Not only that but half the earnings from this inaugural Impression Auction are to go to the Child Cancer Foundation.

The initial 3 packages consisted of 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 Ad Impressions that are to be served [...]

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