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This morning at 4am we kicked off the merger of Zillion members and listings into Sella.co.nz. When you are trying to transfer this much data there is bound to be a few things that can go wrong – but I’m pleased to say that apart from a couple of minor errors everything went smoothly.

So a big welcome to all our new members from zillion – you are now part of a community of over 250,000 like minded people [...]

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Community Page

Our new community page is a hub of information for whats going on on sella. There are a number of cool integrations on this page:

- Latest Site Announcements
- Latest Blog Posts
- Member Search
- Site Statistics
- Facebook & Twitter

Why not take a look?

Listing Enhancements

We’ve added the option through the listing process that allows you to enhance your listings. Enhancing your listings help to make them stand out.
Read more about the listing enhancements

Credit Card Verification

In order to continue to make sella [...]

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When you list items to sell on sella, there are additional options which allow you to enhance your listings. These options are designed to help your listings stand out.

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Yesterday we announced that we had purchased zillion.co.nz.

This aquisition is another step in the right direction for us and we look forward to the next 3 to 6 months.

sella.co.nz has grown exponentially since starting 16 months ago to now be NZ’s 2nd largest auction site with over 400,000 users per month. We have a team of 17 people working hard every day to make Sella.co.nz NZ’s favourite online marketplace.

We work [...]

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Option to view the $1 reserve auctions across the categories using the price filter

This week we have launched a much requested feature, the $1 Reserve section. It shows all the auctions starting from just $1. There are some great bargains available, so have a look through for a deal before it closes.

In the top navigation bar across the site

Next to the featured stores on the home page

$1 Reserve filter across categories

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Puppies Search

Earlier in March we released search improvements. The results returned are now more relevant and this has lead to a 10% increase in search conversions.

P.S. make your listings more relevant by providing a detailed description.

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The designers have been working hard to make sella easier to use by improving key areas on the site.

We’ve also made a range of changes in your account section. Be sure to login and check them out.

So what are you waiting for? Why not take a look at the changes as you browse through sella and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Expired Listings Showing Current Listings

As part of our most recent product release we changed the information viewable by sellers. You can now easily see all the pricing, bidding and viewer numbers for each auction you have running and also all post sale information.

Auction Sellers View

We have also released a new feature that gives your old listings a new life! If one of your old auction listings is found on Google, or any other search engine, searchers will be shown other current listings you [...]

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This week we’ve released some nice improvements to the sella website that the team here are pretty proud of. Most obviously we’ve made our four main homepages more visually pleasing and easier to navigate. So whether you’re looking for general items, travel, cars or property you can find the best deals or list your own in a couple of clicks.

Speaking of selling we’ve made listing an item easier than ever and also improved closed auctions to show similar items for [...]

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To coincide with World Carfree Day today we’ve left our cars at home and made the Motoring section on sella better organized. It’s now even easier to sell your car or find what you’re looking to buy.

This is the first part of a greatly improved car buying experience coming to sella over the next few months. Stay tuned and remember it’s free to sell your car on sella.

If you have any feedback please let us know.

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