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Popular Toys for Christmas 09


Here is a ┬álist of the top wooden, soft & educational toys on sella. You won’t have to keep the receipt for post Xmas exchanges or walk around shopping malls for hours to find these popular toys, just check them out and buy them.

Soft Toy School Bus

Quality Wooden Toys
-Hand crafted wooden garage
-Wooden house shape sorter
-Large tilting wooden maze labyrinth
-Deluxe wooden frame activity box

Cute Soft Toys
-School bus with finger puppets
-Winnie The Pooh activity suction
-Mortimer the moose
-Happy elephant stroller pal

Educational Toys
-Girls reading maths learning laptop
-NeoCube buckyballs 216 magnet
-Kidz Labs – volcano making science kit
-Two-way bug viewer

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