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$1 Reserve Auctions Section Launched


This week we have launched a much requested feature, the $1 Reserve section. It shows all the auctions starting from just $1. There are some great bargains available, so have a look through for a deal before it closes.

sella navigation

In the top navigation bar across the site

The home page tab is shown next to the features stores

Next to the featured stores on the home page

Option to view the $1 reserve auctions across the categories using the price filter

$1 Reserve filter across categories

2 Responses to “$1 Reserve Auctions Section Launched”

  1. will you have a community forum in the future?

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for you comment.

    At this stage we have opted for our blog, Facebook & Twitter focus.
    We encourage people to comment & discuss through these channels.

    All suggestions made are valued and taken into consideration. With the way the internet & technology evolves who knows what the future holds.

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