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Message Boards coming soon….


Hi all,

We told everyone that we would listen to feedback about everything for the site, and change stuff when the majority of users wanted it.

In the last week there has been a massive increase in people asking for a Message Board system – so, we’ve decided to build one.

We have some really cool stuff coming out in the next 4 weeks that the MB’s will be built into – we think you will like it, and we think its superior to the other MB out there ;) .

If you have any additional comments on what you would like to see in these – please leave a comment below.

Thanks for all your support of sella, with your help we are growing every week.



Edit: The message boards are now live. You can get to them here: http://www.sella.co.nz/community/messageboard/

174 Responses to “Message Boards coming soon….”

  1. Nice ;P

  2. Yay! That will be awesome – good on you guys!

  3. Wicked,just what this site needs to grow.
    Can’t wait :)

  4. Hey

    Yip, we’re excited by this now – be good to get it out to everyone.



  5. great nice to see people who listen and act and reply to comments made
    very user friendly

  6. Hi Jenny

    thanks for your feedback – we aim to be as helpful as possible



  7. Great, have been using the message board on TM heaps over last few days due to price hikes, an met some great likeminded people, will be good to keep in touch over here too =)

  8. Hi Nikki

    Great to have you on sella – let us know if you have any suggestions for the message board.



  9. Hi, just a question. have you guys noticed any recent increase in memberships due to TM trying to make more moolahh $$ out of sellers?

  10. Hi, this is great news! It will be a big drawcard.
    Well done sella !

  11. mikey853nz Says:

    Great, I can’t wait. will there be a politics board. I volounteer to be a moderator.

  12. Hi Karen

    Absolutely, there has been a dramatic increase in members in the past 3 days.

    Hopefully TradeMe do more price rises :)



  13. Hi Stella

    Thanks for your feedback, hope you like them when they are built



  14. Hi Mikey,

    There very well maybe, depends on what the community decides the topics to be.



  15. Sparkles (J_A_X) Says:

    WAHOO! Good on you Sella. I have been a member for a while now and am enjoying watching the site grow…. am keen to move more business your way in the near future. Competition is loooooooooooooooong overdue. Am off now to look into how to become a ’store’. Wishing you (and all your new traders) much growth and prosperity. Well done.

  16. Hi Sparkles,

    Thanks for your comments!! We think competition is long overdue too!

    Just drop us a note and we can set your store up for you.

    Great to have you on board.



  17. Ichardray Says:

    If you DO decide to have moderators……one word of advice……..make them anon. Best for all concerned.

  18. Hi Ichardray

    thanks for the feedback



  19. Sella folk, please observe mikey853nz’s severely biased activities on the TM message boards before considering offering him a moderation role. eg

  20. Hi Tadaa,

    All moderation will be done by people who work fulltime for Sella.



  21. Thank God for that Shane – ;)

    Congrats sella on your great site!

  22. Hi kkbelle

    thanks for your feedback – hope you like using sella.



  23. Cary's Crafts Says:

    Well done Sella. I am not usually one to say anything on the message boards, I am just a lurker. The Sella sight as I see it is great. I have had one sale and feel so proud. Very easy to use, thank you.

  24. Hi Cary

    Thanks for your feedback!! Great to have you on board and we will try and make sure you get a whole lot more sales :)



  25. Goody cant wait, feel lost without the message boards on z…good for boosting sales too!

  26. is there a edit prices button coming soooon?? would make the editing function sooooo much quicker.

  27. Hi Shelleyd,

    Thanks for your comments – yes, there is a simple edit price functionality coming soon.



  28. How do we get a avatar uploaded?

  29. SHELLEYD, head over to Gravatar. Add an avatar to your email address you use for your comments.

  30. mikey853nz Says:

    So, where do I apply for a Moderaters job?

  31. Hi Mikey

    for the initial launch moderation will be done by our customer services team.

    Depending on the amount of work involved we will see if we need to recruit more people.



  32. So pleased to find a free alternative to TradeMe! Thank you!

    There are a couple of things that TradeMe does that I would love to see on here… I went to ’sell a similar item’, and was going to relist the same item but under another category; however I noticed you can’t edit the category part. The other thing I noticed is with uploading photos; with TradeMe, there is an option to upload a photo you’ve uploaded before, which makes things a lot easier at times.

    Not sure if it’s possible to add these features, but thought I would suggest it anyway. :) Thanks

  33. Hi Janelle

    thanks for the great feedback and fantastic to have you on board!

    All those things you mention are coming – plus some other things that TradeMe doesn’t have!



  34. Yay for a message board coming. I have a suggestion too, when I am browsing a page full of listings and then you click on an auction, if you want to go back to all the listings you push back, but it takes you to the start of the last page, on trademe it takes you to where you were last looking at so you don’t have to scroll down half a page. Hope you know what I mean.

  35. Great news, not that I frequent message boards as often as others but a great way to keep in touch with other members. A DIY section would be great. I look at this section more than any other over on the other channel. There is some quite valuable info at times and I have myself offered some good advice (I hope ) lol.

  36. While I’m on here, I’d like to say Hi to all the other ex Zillion members. Hope things are cruising along ok and if the message boards do come we can have a bit of a catch up.

  37. Hi Lisa

    it shouldn’t be doing that & we can’t replicate the error in here

    Can you let us know what browser you are using here




  38. Hi Kam09

    Great to have you on board and the message boards aren’t that far away.



  39. cant wait for the message board i think its gonna help this site out alot, and the same thing happens to me as what happens to lisa you look at something and when you go back it takes you to the top of the page again

  40. Pinto pony Says:

    Go Sella!!!! What a change from Trade me – no fees etc -I now have a few of my friends on here and they all agree this is the best site. Keep up expanding

  41. Hi Cheryl

    Welcome aboard and thanks for your great feedback.

    We are looking into the issue Lisa had, its a small issue that we should have resolved shortly.



  42. Hi Pinto

    Thanks! We are expanding everyday as new people find us. Great to have you spreading the word.



  43. hi Shane, the same for me as Cheryl and Lisa with the scroll problem.

    A request for the message board, could we please have a section for the boaties.
    Under Boating and Fishing, im sure this would be very popular so we can discuss isues we have with boating and fishing.
    Also a Boats and Marine button under the main Brouse section on the home page would be awesome.


  44. Hi Dennis

    I think we can make that happen for you Dennis



  45. I love the free site … its awesome, and cant wait for the MB. I visit the pets and animals board on TM, and am wondering if your going to have a seperate Equine MB as there are alot of horse lovers out there and they clog up the boards. Hope you also have a cooking board too – so many members have delicious recipes that I want lol!

    Oh and will you also be giving the seller the option to do after auction offers at any stage too?

    How many members do you have now – just curious – you should post that figure on the home page, along with how many people are online. TM use to, but they dont anymore.

  46. I just remembered something else – will you be providing photos of DVD & Blu Ray cases so we dont have to scan them? Please say yes – its a darn nuisance having to scan each dvd! Thanks

    Oh and your clock on here is an hour ahead when you post a comment :) Its 10.55pm but will log my msg in at 11.55pm

  47. Hi Bea

    Thanks for your comments – we have just over 260,000 members now

    We keep this page updated regularly – http://www.sella.co.nz/community/ – and the member numbers are to the right hand side of the page.

    Fixed Price Offer is coming out in about 2 to 3 weeks.

    Yes, we will be getting that for the DVD’s.



  48. PJsMarket Says:

    Regarding the scroll / back button problem mentioned by Dennis Cheryl and Lisa, it happens to me also using Firefox, tried Sella on IE and it doesn’t have this problem. Of course, I’m not switching back to IE! So hopefully it can be sorted.

    Looking forward to having uploaded photos saved to our account so you don’t have to keep uploading the same thing.

    Loving the Sella site! Well done guys, refreshingly user-friendly :)

  49. Hi Shane,
    I would be very careful with FPO thing. It killed all the bidding on TM – buyers just put everything on watchlist and wait for offers.
    Active bidding keeps people on site, FPOs – not.
    Bidding wars add adrenalin and higher prices, and it’s good for the site.

    At least, make FPO facility optional, so seller could choose not to use it, and buyers could see it is not available on this particular auction.

  50. Hi Marika

    We have had a huge number of people ask for the FPO feature.

    At the end of the day it is totally optional for the seller to use it or choose not to.



  51. Hi Shane,
    yes, it is optional to use or not. And I realise FPOs are useful for multiply items.
    But in general, FPOs decrease activity on the site, as buyers tend to wait for emails with FPOs instead of bidding, and sellers with no multiply items lose out, as well as site itself.

    I think a tick box “use FPO facility” when listing would be a good compromise. If seller choses not to use it, buyers would see “no FPO will be made” somewhere at the bidding panel. This will prompt them to bid, instead of passively watching.

    Some sellers from TM aleady noticed that lack of FPO facility on Sella, in fact, increases buyers activity. And they are correct.

  52. just a small suggestion for the message board …a seperate topic for gardening and DIY..please dont lump them together…I love gardening but dont really like scrolling thru diy questions to get to the gardening ones.

  53. just a small point but I did not post the above message at 10.51pm it was 9.51pm

  54. Hi Jenny

    Thanks for that – we will investigate

    Also, thanks for your suggestion re the message board



  55. FUNGIRL30 Says:

    I too have the same problem with the back/scroll thingy and I use IE.

    I am loving sella and have been telling everyone I know to jump onto it.
    Since just announcing the price rise in a few cats I have had more sales on here than tm lol so I am laughing all the way to the bank.
    I have way more listings on here than I do on the other site and it seems to be working for me woot woot.

    Thanks heaps Sella :)

  56. Hi Fungirl

    Great to have you on board and thanks for the positive feedbacks



  57. Hi Sella

    Wish I’d discovered you months ago! Actually learned about you from TM’s MB!!

    Just wondered if there are plans to be able to search through the stores alphabetically? I was searching for a particular store I’d heard about but couldn’t quite remember the name – found it in the end but had to scroll through all the clothing stores to find it!!

    Thanks :)

  58. Hi Cath,

    yes definitely, we have lots of improvements coming out in the next few months.



  59. Hi, wanting to know if people are aloud to put there web address on there autions and/or profile on sella? I know its not aloud on T/me. Just not sure of the rules here. O and also as we go by another usernam on TM is it aloud to be mentioned in profile, autions, etc

  60. Hi Shane – Add my vote to Jennys request for a specialist gardening board please. ;)
    Cheers, Jan

  61. I think having a message board will be a good idea, I’ve been using the Trademe ones lately for some free entertainment, and I guess users who don’t like the idea of message boards simply don’t have to use them. I think it’s great you are listening to your users and actually responding to us, I’m really excited about what’s to come!

  62. Hi Kim

    yes, feel free too.

    Just looking at your profile, it would be good to make you a store?

    I will get Casey or Aidan to contact you today to set you up.



  63. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for your comments. Yes we thought doing a blog and facebook page would be enough, but we listened to the feedback and happy to report that the message boards are about half way through being built.



  64. FUNGIRL30 Says:

    I must say I LOVE the increase on how many listings I see on a page. WOOT WOOT ;)

  65. I like Marika’s suggestion at openly advertising whether you will be using the FPO on the auction or not … that would cut down on the number of stagnant watchers :)

  66. Hi Fungirl

    Thats great – we do too!!



  67. Hi Bea

    thanks for the suggestion and feedback – much appreciated



  68. our own search bar would be a huge help, i seem to go round & round in circles when im trying to search my own products. Drives me nuts.

  69. John Shields Says:

    Can’t wait for the MB’s. I have just done my first listing, much easier than TM , I love the auto relist checkbox, just everything about the site and you guys feels friendlier and more community based. You state that you are smaller than TM, but I can see the day when you will take them !!!!!! Go sella…….

  70. is there any way to filter results? A good example is that I have ZERO interest in a car, stamps, or cloths, but if I browse my local area I get pages and pages of these listings – to the point where I’m finding it more effort to use Sella than just ignore it :-(

  71. Hi John

    thanks for the great feedback and welcome aboard!!

    Yes, we are still smaller, but growing very strongly thanks to everyones support.



  72. Hi Mark

    absolutely – if you look at the search below it is just “baby gear in Bay of plenty”


    On this page – http://www.sella.co.nz/search/ – you can choose to change region, then just filter results by clicking into the various categories.



  73. Another good thing would be is – if we could be able to add more images to property listings. I see we have a limit of 10 at the moment. I currently have a property listed on sella and there are a couple of more I would like to add. Other sites offer up to 20 at no extra charge, thanks.

  74. Hi Kam09

    yip, other sites offer you 20, but you’ve had to pay to list on them first ($249 in TradeMe’s case), not like us who are free!

    We are just sorting out the images though so people will be able to load up more than 20 – we were thinking 30 is good?



  75. Thanks Shane. Yes you are right, we do pay to list – point taken.
    Maybe a small charge for images over 10?

    30 is good but 20 would be ok, lol :-)

  76. Hey shane,

    I would just like to say that I am well on the way to becoming a Trademe convert.
    Much nicer looking site, staff members actually participating in conversation! and demands of the customers being listened to and fulfilled!

    I will be sure to convert all my friends that use TM across to seller once the message board is up and running. BTW is it going to be moderated or work on the same crap system that TM has?

  77. Hey Shane,

    Can you give Aidan a pay rise … he did a brilliant job sorting out my store AND my banner … Im totally thrilled to bits with it.

    Thanks heaps,
    Bea :)
    EX TM member hehe

  78. Yes, all my business is going to be conducted on this site & to my customers. TM is crap.
    Be good to have M.B’z up as this will keep people around.
    Good work Sella…

  79. Hi Daniel

    Thanks for your great comments – much appreciated.

    The MB will be moderated.



  80. Hi Bea

    thats great to hear – I’ll pass on your comments to Aidan!!



  81. Hi Tracy,

    thanks for your comments and welcome aboard!!

    MB’s arent far away



  82. finally an alternative. how exciting! good call, guyz. :)

  83. Hi Spazza

    great to have you on board!



  84. Frankie101 Says:

    Just as long the MB doesn’t fail like it did for Zillion, Zillion staff practically gave up in the end with the mb and i don’t blame them one bit. Biggest mistake they did was have a friends option for their mb, this just cause groups of friends to bit*h at or back up each other when someone felt they were being picked on *rolls eyes* And Zillion hired members to be moderators??!!! Yeah that would work right? Not!. What happens is the moderate’s who already have friends will always back their friends. = Fail.

    Take a note from TM moderators, they keep in the back ground working silently, not making friends with anyone, they are moderators not log on buddies, monitoring the boards banning or editing posts like smooth operators they are.

    Don’t make the same mistakes, seriously people judge a site by there MB as well, if the MB looks like its going downhill people will look elsewhere. Zillions MB was practically dead apart from the die hards.

    Just my 2 cents.

  85. Great site, I love Sella.
    Just wish I could sell a few things on it.
    The latest price rises on TM for gallery will drive a few more sellers over here, but its buyers we need Shane.

    I saw you ran an ad in the NZ herald the other day, that is great, but you aimed it at sellers. You need to run ads aimed at buyers. “Buy things on Sella !”

    (in some ways Sella is not really a good name !)

    If us sellers started selling a few more things, listings would go through the roof.

  86. Hi Digby

    thanks for your comments.

    Just a FYI, but last week was a record sales week for us.

    Obviously you need sellers first, as buyers can only buy things that are on the site. We’ve found that the number of buyers increases with the rate of listings on the site – but there is probably a 3 month lag between an increase in listings and the buyers.

    But they are definitely all going up!



  87. jerrytravis Says:

    hi there sella,

    my sales are beginning to take off. i’m working on the nmarketing side of things.

    here’s an idea. what about a WANTED TO BUY message board for buyer looking for goods and for sellers who think they can provide. this has been proposed to the opposition but it hasnt been realised yet

    chhers, reg

  88. Hi Shane,

    Interesting to hear about the seller/buyer lag time.

    Have you thought of trialling a prominent “Stuff – U – Need” portion on your home page? (Though the closing soon or featured auctions should be there too.) If you had a hook, an FMCG, or other handy/strange trinket/s, highlighted in the side bar, or similar, it might hold casual visitors long enough to buy something on the impulse. And to play up the impulse buy situation, address those items to casual visitors so that when they click on “Yes! I need this!” their membership is fast tracked. Maybe give their membership an icon tag that identifies them as having joined as a instant buyer – or whatever makes people feel special. The items in the side bar could be like an editors picks, or Shane’s picks – call it what you will. For example I was idly clicking things and found this:


    What a cool gadget!

    There must be a truck load of equally useful things that people will go, hey, that is so f—-n cool! And then buy it.

  89. Hi Reg

    thanks for your comments and great to hear about your sales.

    Yes, a wanted section is in the pipeline to do.



  90. Hi Xozo,

    thanks for your comments, you had some good ideas in here.

    We’ve got a few things coming up which you should like



  91. GO SELLA!!! you rock love this place already only been here for a few days!!!!

  92. OH and a “swap” and a “free” area would be great! something trademe always lacked! PLEASE:)

  93. Hey Brooke

    Thanks for your comments!!

    Yes, those 2 things are on the development pipeline




    Just joined 2 or 3 days ago, already won 2 things tonight
    and paid for tonight I may add. lol

    Keep Up The Great Work Sella

  95. In response to those saying that we need the buyers. In my case, the buyers are here and my sales have been very good.

    I am however searching here first for goods that I am after as a buyer, and sadly, have not been able to find most of them here yet. So the more sellers that get goods listed the better I say! I will certainly continue to search.

    Very much looking forward to seeing all the exciting new stuff as it rolls out.

  96. Hi Amberlee

    thanks for the comments and great to have you as a member!!



  97. Hi Jan

    Yip, its a chicken and egg scenario – but as we grow listing numbers people can find what they are after (as you say).

    It’s a long term game.



  98. Well I have spent a bit of time sorting things out so I can list easily here. I have just completed listing all of my clearance items and am now just waiting for the buyers!

    I look forward to the Message boards and do hope they are not too far off!

  99. Hi Allison,
    Good luck with your auctions.

    FYI: Our development team is hard at work getting the message boards ready. We’ll be updating everyone as we get closer to implementation.


  100. Keep up the good work Sella. We all know we need an alternative to that other lot.

  101. Hey JustAddWorms!

    thanks for your support



  102. moderator1 Says:

    this is great, love the way you guys listen. a wanted to buy will be so good.
    cant wait for the message boards to be up and running
    any idea how far away the will be

  103. looking forward to the message boards too, how far along are they? I also have that problem when viewing items and you click back, it takes you to the top of the previous page. Using IE. Kind of puts me off browsing alot so havent bothered browsing here at all lately if I must be honest. Great to see the categories are now in alpahbetical and size order thats great! all the best.

  104. Roger Evans Says:

    Hi. Great to see Sella taking off. At last, a company that not only has a direct email contact address, but actually REPLIES to its customers, without having to go through an 0900 phone call. The promise never to charge fees has to be a winner.

  105. Roger Evans Says:

    Just a wee comment- in Property, you do not have Waitakere as a suburb of Waitakere City- I presume you have it under Rodney? Waitakere township is actually in Waitakere City, which makes it really confusing trying to list or search for properties in Waitakere township. Another trading site has corrected this error, maybe you could follow suit?

  106. Hi, im looking forward to the messageboards. They are usually very informative.

    I was wondering if you could tell me what is likely to be happening if my views are going down instead of up for two of my auctions…lol (I thought that was a wee bit strange)

  107. Hi Val,
    Regarding your auction views, can you drop a note through to our help desk and we will investigate further. http://www.sella.co.nz/help/about-sella/contact-help-desk/

  108. Hi Sella
    It is so great to see you guys getting stuck in, developing and growing. Although we do not have a feedback rating on Sella, it is amazing the number of business transactions we have had from people that have seen our Store on Sella. After issues with our auctions on Trademe, we stopped selling on there and moved our auctions to Sella and later Zillion. Having run $1 reserve auctions and not getting the responses we had hoped for we stopped them, but may have to review that now and retest the waters again. Message boards can be a great informative tool for both buyers and sellers, but at times can be most destructive if something is left to fuel. Any time we have had to contact Sella and sort something out your response has been quick and great. In so saying I hope your policing of the Message Boards will be up to that standard as well.

  109. Hi Joe

    Thats fantastic to hear and thanks for sharing it with us.



  110. Hey there.

    I think it would be important that easylister could use a function that allows us sellers to drop all our product prices by a certain percent. It doesn’t matter how many listings sella has if the prices are the same as on Trade Me, the prices of listings must be able to beat the trademe prices. Due to sella not charging any commission, I think sellers would be happy to drop their prices by 1 – 6.9%.

    For example:

    I have a product on Trade Me listed for $100. It sells and then I pay $6.90 commission to Trade Me. I have the same product listed on sella, but using the new tool function I could reduce the selling price by lets say 5%. The product sells for $95 and I’m still $1.90 better off.

    If you want your site to begin to get more sales, I think the only way for the moment is to offer better priced products.


  111. Hi Jason

    thats a good idea, and one we will try and implement



  112. Hi Shane,
    yet another idea here (hope useful one, lol!).

    You run daily ads in NZ Herald, always the same and addressed to sellers mostly.

    I think, would be more interesting to use this space to promote listings on Sella – one at a time, range of categories, randomly selected items. Small photo, title, price, auction number, Sella’s logo – nothing really special, all will fit into your usual advertisement space.
    This may catch buyers and attract them here.

  113. Hi Marika

    We are currently making up some more adverts for this very reason.



  114. I just heard about this site after the trademe price hike uproar, joined today and will be buying and selling here when my verification goes through. Cheers! :)

  115. Great news, was migrated from Zillion and lost contact with a lot of message board members. Great to see this site moving forward. Woohoo! :-)

  116. Hi Daryl, just a quick welcome. If you need help with using sella, drop a note through to our helpdesk

  117. great stuff, to follow what trade me did i will follow with interest

  118. moderator1 Says:

    trademe got me all excited
    when will this be here

  119. Hey Guys.

    Great to see you actually listening to members! TM members had to wait almost a year of asking and begging before getting the Blu Ray section added!!!! Ridiculous.

    Anyway, just a suggestion…Instead of building one why don’t you just use a readily available piece of software such as vBulletin. Or if you prefer free you could use the old phpBB2 as a base and building onto it.

  120. Hey moderator1,
    The development team is working hard getting the message boards ready and also making them extra special.
    We will be giving an update once it gets a bit closer.


  121. Hi Jamie

    We decided to build them ourselves so we can keep them running nice and quick. Off the shelf boards just seemed to have too much in them.



  122. Just be sure not to let the MB take over and spoil the site. Seems that no-one is looking at Trademe auctions lately and speniding too much time on the boards!

  123. Oh, and another thing . . . it would be nice to think that each member could only start 1 or 2 topics each day. That way you cut out spamming and ensure no one person takes over, and that encourages more people to have their say.

  124. hi Sella team thanks so much for correcting the page problem that saw it go back to start of previous page, not back to where you were browsing previously. Thats awesome and glad a real person is actually listening and taking action, great!

  125. @Anne Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve passed these one to the guys in charge of the message boards

    @babyk6 Thanks for the feedback. Great to hear!

  126. good cant wait for the message board

  127. you do realise that your time is still wrong on here its 9.43am not 10.43

  128. Just a browsing tweek here:

    In pets and animals there is a section for Fishtanks and Aquariums and a section for Fishbowls and Tanks. Seems to be a double up.


  129. Hey, what’s the progress on the boards? Got a launch date?

  130. HI great that their is a new message board coming.
    Hope that works better than TMs. Great that you guys reply to members comments.
    Love the site and hope that it stays free…Any chance of a “back to top” and “top” on your
    pages , it would make it just that bit easier.Its something Tm still haven’t done.cheers.

  131. Please make the messageboard look the same as Trademe’s does – I absolutely hate the layout of forums. I love the layout of Trademe’s message board the best and I know I’m not alone.

  132. @Jenny, thanks. Will get the time sorted.
    @Colin, thanks for pointing that out. Appreciated.
    @Eurowatches Message boards are under heavy development at the moment. Will post an update when we have a launch date.
    @Logan I’ve submitted the “back to top” as a requested feature. Thanks for the suggestion.
    @Tracy We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the message boards are launched.

  133. Good on you Sella,no auction site is complete without a message board and i look forward to scrolling the site for its amazing what can be learn’t via the message board,none of us are above learning something new.You go Sella!!!

  134. Can i also suggest that on your on your own auctions your views to your own auctions aren’t included in the view traffic of the auction.cheers

  135. ^Why should it?

  136. Patiently waiting for the MB launch…

  137. Hoping the message boards are fired up in the very near future.
    With the launch of the boards can you look at including a Political section.
    With elections in the not to distant future there maybe some who wish to debate in a set area while busy selling there items

  138. Having a MB here will be great!

    TM is being rather anal at the moment, forcing me to split my ‘words’ into several auctions, i.e. one for 7 letters, one for 8 to 10 letters, one for…. whereas on Sella I only need one.

    I’ve also started giving any auction winners (on Sella) a 6.9% discount on the winning bid – minimum of 50c – sound familiar anyone? [grin].

    Winning bidder gets it cheaper, I get the same price, Sella gets more sales, and TM gets…
    Other sellers here might like to consider the idea too.

  139. Some good suggestions on here. A Wanted section would be good – can’t understand why that other site wouldn’t allow it. It would only have increased interest in the site, not taken anything away from it.

    Now to see if I can sell anything on here – that’s the bottom line!

  140. someone commented asking if theres been an increase of members. Today I listed my first auctions on sella. I was gona to list them on TM as usual, then realised I was -$14 on my account, checked & my last sale cost me over $12 in fees! wth!!! so i decided to list on Sella! im trying to spread word of this site!!!!
    I reck we should try to help this site outgrow & outdo TM!! greedy sods they are!
    fees over there are getting WAY out of hand!!

  141. Hiya,

    After having a few non completed auctions – just wondering if Sella will be giving sellers the option to remove unwanted bids from their auctions? Sick of having bidders not follow through – its a right pain in the bum.

    Thanks :)

  142. Gidday, just some feedback for the site:

    Could we have a bit more room on our profiles to tell people a little bit more about us? You know, where we can brag a bit and add a bit of a mission statement type thingy.

    (I agree with the above also, if there is not an option to remove bids, this is a must-have for sellers to avert any potential post-auction hassles.)

  143. lorie, they’re trying to recover their 700 million plus that they paid for it. For sale advertising is dropping off in the news papers.

  144. Puzzleman NZ Says:

    trying to figure how to do a multi relist of finished auctions, couldn.t find a quick relist button, is it hiding somewhere, hate to have to relist each item individually

  145. I have over four hundred auctions running on T.M but am getting sick of the high fees. Once I’m address verified here I’ll be listing pretty much the same amount on this site. When it comes to the message boards I think the moderators need to be impartial when it comes to one and all posters as I have been banned permanently from the T.M boards for defending myself against a scathing and uncalled for attack from a poster who is popular there for doing such things to other posters. Yet that poster is still able to post there and carry on with his attacks on other posters without receiving any kind of reprimand.

  146. Puzzleman, the functionality to multi relist should be available later today. Keep an eye out for it in you closed listings page.

    Mike, thanks! Address verification shouldn’t take long to come through. Also thanks for your feedback regarding moderation of the message boards.

  147. wow…well im behind the times, I had no idea that you had taken over zillion, as you can proberly see ive been a member since 2006 and done nothing with my account….any how I thought that you would like to know that this will change as soon as my current auction on trademe is finished….great to see the messageboards coming, well done im very impressed.

  148. fordbridge Says:

    Travel was my main reason for coming on board this site. For buyers like myself, associated product to name would be great. Yes , I do get the emails to prompt me to investigate deals that I have indicated. In future, Sella may consider directing me to other deals available, that fall within the category. Listings that allow me to find a pet minder, dog kennels or cattery in my home area. LOVE sellers who have open ended dates to stay at their property, gives the buyer a chance to get the best flight deals. In the pets or any animals for sale, encourage pet transporters to put up their ad, this helps buyers to facilitate delivery . FEEDBACK – this has always been a thorny issue, would like to see some input from sella, retaliatory feedback, is a pain. New members should have at least a number of sales completed, before they can put up a red!

  149. Yes i think a MB would be great! I also think that Sella needs to get more of Trade me’s customers attention. Sella is still far ro slow, and needs to compete more with Trade me, not sure how this can be done, since sella is free and trde me is not, i guess people are just set in there ways, with trade me every where, i think maybe sella needs to be out there more, sella is a more friendler place than trade me is, trade me staff are useless, all they want is your money, if you have a problem or a complaint, they don’t want to know, unless it invloves them losing money. I have had not problems with sella staff or sella members, it seems to be run more effeciently, i guess it is because it is not money orientated. I would really like to see far more traffic coming through than their is at present, it is very slow moving. look forward to seeing th eMB up and running, and goodluck with signing up new members.

  150. Hey

    Is there an auction listing tool that can list on TM and sella? So instead of having to put the listing on individually you just put everything into the tool and it lists it on both sites automatically.



  151. Hi Daniel,
    Sure is, there’s a few options that support sella:
    Snipesoft: http://snipesoft.net.nz/
    Easy lister: http://www.easylister.co.nz/ *FREE*
    Auctionitus: http://www.auctionitis.co.nz/
    Trade tools: http://www.digitalretail.co.nz/Homepage.aspx

    Hope this helps

  152. captainplugwash5 Says:

    And absolutly NO moderator position for our dearest freind mikey, my goodness that would be such a disaster!

  153. Any ETA update on message boards? Always keen to hear what people have to say.

  154. So is there an update on when the message board will be starting. Cheers.

  155. I hope you will have some sort of voting so threads or what ever can be removed by the MB community.
    If you look at another site it is very hard now to completely remove a whole thread or even just one persons post.
    So its so much easier for a group of people to spam and keep unrelated threads going in say the wrong part of the message board.

  156. Drew Peacock Says:

    And? Taking long enough…

  157. Where’s the message board please?????

  158. Any update as to how much longer before message board launch

  159. Hi All,

    Just a quick update on how the message boards are coming along.

    Our development team on putting the final touches on it. It will then enter the testing phase and then they will be released. Depending on how testing goes will depend on when the message boards will be released.

    Not too long to go now. We will update with a launch date soon.

  160. Hi Richard,
    thanks for update, much appreciated.

    Meanwhile this thread looks like place for all suggestions, and I’d like to add another one for your consideration.

    There are many keen crafters in NZ, who make outstanding items with their own hands and talent. On TM these unique items often lost in categories flooded with secondhand goods and cheap imports, which makes it really hard to find that ultimate gift for your overseas friends or someone special.

    I’d suggest to make separate category “New Handmade in New Zealand” with subcategories for jewellery, clothing, ceramics etc.
    Or, alternatively, make “Finished projects” subcategories in each section of Crafts – so finished items wouldn’t mix with craft supplies.

    From what I have gathered, there is no online place for NZ crafters to sell their works – nothing like craft markets or CraftWorld stores in real life.
    Would be great to have one. Could be an attraction to Sella too.


  161. I have my fingers crossed that it is soon :)

  162. And anxious message boarders wait…and wait! We are a patient lot on here lol!

  163. My advice to you good peeps at Sella..is, dont get a message board, you are opening a can of worms and load of rubbish this good sight does not need.

  164. I think you are Mad introducing a message board to this fine site, you are duplicating what happened to Zillion, dont do it.

  165. WTF? Four months later and still nothing??

  166. Any further news on the message boards? very much anticipated

  167. Hello all fellow ex zillionaires – Im really looking forward to a message board on here – I might even start listing again :)

  168. i would like craft stuff to be put on a message board cardmaking scrapbooking beading etc…..

  169. So pleased you are getting a message board, I spend a lot of time on the MB …
    and I mean a LOT of time

  170. Catcufflings Says:


  171. Testing 123. And the wait for the long awaited MB’s Grows ever shorter

  172. Hi All,
    Thanks for being so patient.

    Just a quick update that the message boards are now live.
    You can check them out here:

    See you on the boards!

  173. I love being apart of Sella and I think its better than Trademe.

    Thank you Sella 4 adding Message Boards.

  174. Hey Sella,

    I only just came across you last night with an advertisement in the herald. But I’m so glad there is now competition for TM. Will be using your site as much as possible! Can’t wait for the message boards, parenting is my hang place!

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