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Search Improvements


Earlier in March we released search improvements. The results returned are now more relevant and this has lead to a 10% increase in search conversions.

Puppies Auctions

P.S. make your listings more relevant by providing a detailed description.

4 Responses to “Search Improvements”

  1. Hi, yes iv noticed the search feature seems to be picking up keywords better. But after i have found what im looking for (in motoring) are the results displayed in gallery view only? What happened to the list view that used to be available…..and when i do finally find what im looking for and i try to narrow the search by using the lowest price feature does it just erratically display ads in no order?….thks

  2. Hi James,
    We investigated the use of the list view option. Looking at list view usage statistics this view option was being used infrequently and the decision was made to remove it. Throughout the general categories you will see that the option has been replaced with a more useful $1 reserve auction filter.

    I have forwarded your search result sorting observation to our development team.


  3. Hi there. I too noticed the improvement of the search function. My listings were being included in the email update of latest listings which were the most relevant. However, over the last few weeks this has not been the case – it seems to have reverted back to how it was. Has something changed? Thanks

  4. Hi Donna, this should not have reverted back. Are you able to give a specific search/url? Feel free to submit this and any other issues or suggestions through our contact us page.

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