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Sella iPhone App is here!


Download the sella iPhone App

The new iPhone App for sella has launched today. It makes it easy to buy and sell items through your iPhone on sella.

It’s free to download so there is no excuse not to use it, or at the least try it and let us know what you think.


-Browse all the live auctions
-Easily see the featured, popular and $1 reserve auctions
-Ask questions and save auctions to your watch list
-Access your current profile info
-Receive push notifications about closing and bidding info
-Bid on Auctions


-Use your iPhone camera to capture images
-Write full titles and descriptions
-Choose through the categories for your item
-Answer user questions
-View information about your items for sale

iPhone App Loading Screen iPhone App Browsing Screen iPhone App Auction Item Screen iPhone App Popular Auctions Screen

We are looking forward to finding out what you think.

6 Responses to “Sella iPhone App is here!”

  1. Would love an iPad version!

  2. hi there,i just wanna know are you going to launch sella nokia app?cheers

  3. The iPhone app does work with the iPad even thro you have to zoom in on it to fill the whole screen

  4. Not at this stage Sam.

  5. Any chance of a mobile website? Cheers

  6. Can’t see theres a /huge/ need for an iPad version. The iPad is large enough that the ordinary Sella website would be fine to use. Just create a bookmark and add it to the home screen.

    But yeah, a universal app would be cool. :)

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