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Sella’s New Look


The designers have been working hard to make sella easier to use by improving key areas on the site.

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new-layout-4 new-layout-5 new-layout-6

We’ve also made a range of changes in your account section. Be sure to login and check them out.

So what are you waiting for? Why not take a look at the changes as you browse through sella and tell us what you think in the comments.

11 Responses to “Sella’s New Look”

  1. new site looks very clean and streamlined. sella have a real chance with trade me now and its about time trade me had some decent rivery

  2. Awesome, love the new look.. keep up the good job

  3. Loving it, the site is looking really good, it’s getting better all the time.

    I have noticed that when answering questions on auctions, the option to reply “in Private” has dissapeared. This was a great little feature, PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!

    Auctions are still clocking up a “view” when listed or automatically relisted…..just thought I’d pop that one in again ;)

  4. Hi Diana,

    Great to hear you like what we’ve done with the site.
    To answer your questions, I’ve addressed them below:

    Re: private reply – We’d decided to remove this following feedback from some of our sella users. Having questions & answers in public aids in building more detail around the product being viewed and means there’s a reduction of the same questions being asked.

    Re: Item view – This one is in the development queue, but am unsure at the moment of when this will be released.


  5. The site looks great!! The other New Zealand auction site has just taken over and that is NOT good. Hopefully this will help even things out.

  6. Maybe you guys should do some testing in IE7 (As majority of internet uses use it) Clicking a photo in a auction is a fun experience. As well as trying to type in this box…

  7. Hi Antony,
    We’re looking into the lightbox issue & it should be fixed soon. It seems to happen on some listings but not others.

  8. Hi guys

    I have noticed that when loading in my customised shipping options, it has reverted back to automatically getting sorted numerically, because of this my “primary” shipping option gets “shunted” down the line!

    It was fixed for a while there, but has gone back to it’s bad old habits again!

  9. Hi Diana

    Sorry about this, it will be reverted asap – it shouldn’t of happened, but it did, so we apologise.



  10. HI Guys

    Congratulations on your aquasition of Zillion, I feel this is a great move & will benefit everybody in the long run.

    You will have your work cut out for you though, alot of Zillion member are very precious about the way Zillion runs & will no doubt be slightly “put out” if their favourite “features’ are no longer available to them. I suggest you all put on your hard hats!!!

    I have every confidance that you’ll all rise to the occasion, & the challenges, that are ahead.

    Before you all get bogged down with site adjustments etc. may I asked the status of the Shipping options issue?

    All the best


    Diana :)

  11. Hi Diana

    thanks for your feedback!

    Yes, the shipping options are fixed and will be going out on April 28th – when we do the merger.



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