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Grabaseat 3rd Birthday – Time to celebrate on sella


Grabaseat is turning 3 this week and to celebrate on sella.co.nz they are releasing 16 $3 reserve airfaire packages around the world. Auctions last for 3 hours only and destinations include :

Shanghai, London, Brisbane, Osaka, San Francisco, Beijing, Tahiti, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Vancouver, Melbourne, and Hawaii

2 Responses to “Grabaseat 3rd Birthday – Time to celebrate on sella”

  1. Sharon Brewer Says:

    Would like to win one of these trips in a couple of months time, hope they will be available then.

  2. HI Sharon.. we do the $1 reserve Grabaseat auctions every thursday.. in fact this weeks batch started an hour ago. http://www.sella.co.nz/grabaseat

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