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Selling on TradeMe.co.nz?


trade meAdrian McKeown increased his www.trademe.co.nz sales a couple of hundred dollars a week in just 10 minutes by automatically listing his TradeMe auctions on sella. Best of all, with no listing or success fees, the money went straight into his back pocket.

“My message to all Auctionitis users is that if you haven’t got round to listing on Sella yet, you are missing out. If you are selling on TradeMe you may as well try Sella as well. You’ve got nothing to lose. You’ll be making more on each sale with no success fees.”

Read his guest post, Why you should be listing on Sella as well as TradeMe, over on the Auctionitis blog.

8 Responses to “Selling on TradeMe.co.nz?”

  1. Just listing 1300+ listings on Sella now via Auctionitis – took a couple of clicks to convert my lists from TradeMe to Sella format and we’re away! Good stuff people.

  2. treetreedux Says:

    Hi Adrian, thats great to know, cos I currently trade on TM and have just seen Sella, and without the fees that TM charge, this place is great. I look foward in trading here, thanks for the great tips.

  3. We are so impressed with Sella we would not consider going anywhere else we have sold 10 cars one a Bentley Turbo to a very happy person.If your not selling buying on Sella then you should be.
    The fact that sella is owned by in my view the best published news paper in Australisa . I should know I read all the world news papers every morning on line and the Herald is the best presented paper of them all
    So we are in pretty good hands with Sella.Save money for Chistmas join now.

  4. Howdo I join sella?
    What is my password?

  5. HI Andrea.. if you’re still having trouble signing up, please contact helpdesk@sella.co.nz. we can help you with this. cheers

  6. You mean Sella is also owned by foreigners? Boo! :-(

  7. Marie (oskanz) Says:

    I have been listing with Sella for a long time now and cant seem to sell a thing..doesnt matter whether i drop my prices to next to nothing..whats up? what am i doing wrong..lol..

  8. I have had the same problem so if you find out please let me know

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