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Tips for Online Classified Listings


At sella we are always keen to offer advice where we can to new online sellers. Today we thought we would offer some advice to sellers of classified items ( cars, property, animals etc ). Hopefully these tips get your listings out to as many potential buyers as possible

  • Take advantage of free services : Putting your listing on sella is a no brainer as there are not any seller or transaction fees. But dont just stop there, remember to post as many photos, subtitles, descriptive info and contact details as possible. Make it as easy as possible for buyers to contact you.
  • Post Everywhere: Post listings to as many classifieds sites as possible, including Sella.
  • Build a Presence via Your Social Network: Facebook, Twitter and Bebo allow you to build an identity — and get friends talking about and sharing your listing. You can easily link your profile on any of these sites to sella simply by clicking on the links on a sella listing.
  • Develop a Local Market: Local classifieds allow you to create your own local market. Buying and selling in your area allows you to eliminate shipping costs, as well as the opportunity to meet customers and develop a client base.

2 Responses to “Tips for Online Classified Listings”

  1. Just a question…

    How do you request a seller relist an item where the auction has closed but the item is not sold?


  2. Hi.. you must first have the item on your watchlist – then once the item is closed, when you view it you’ll have options relating to Fixed Price Offer and Relist.

    hope this helps, otherwise contact us at helpdesk@sella.co.nz


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