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Advertising Reach – Giving Independent Businesses A Chance


An Image of Sella Advertising Reach where Independent Business can purchase premium advertising

Last week we launched a trial store initiative called “Sella Advertising Reach“.  This initiative has been aimed at giving independent businesses in New Zealand the opportunity mix it with the big brands and purchase our premium island ad or 300×250 position via what else but a Sella Auction.   Not only that but half the earnings from this inaugural Impression Auction are to go to the Child Cancer Foundation.

The initial 3 packages consisted of 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 Ad Impressions that are to be served Run of Site.   This form of advertising aims to not only grow your independent brand but also drive new leads to your business. The other great aspect of purchasing these premium positions is that Sella will build the advertising creative for you (unless you already have something).  A sometimes very costly exercise, even for the biggest of New Zealand companies.

Due to the great success of this initiative and the fantastic support from companies such as; NZ Laptops, Electron World, Benbrae Cadrona Valley Resort, Stunning Makeovers we have decided to keep this concept going.  Therefore just this morning we have listed another 8 new products, including targeting the Travel, Property and Motoring sections and also newsletter option! We will continue to offer this over the coming months so if you are interested in staying up to date with what products are on offer, then just sign in and select the subscribe button on the stores homepage:

An Image of Sella Advertising Reach where Independent Business can purchase premium advertising

Just Click "get the latest listings"

Don’t be worried by some of the jargon we might be placing in this post or in the Sella Advertising Reach product descriptions.  Just contact us if you are interested or post a question on one of the auction pages.  If you can’t wait till then we have put together a few definitions for you below:

Ad Impression: If a user is viewing a page on Sella then this generates an Ad Impression but the official definition is “The count of a delivered basic advertising unit from an ad distribution point”. The ad distribution point in this case being the 300×250 position.

Island Ad (300×250): This refers to the size and shape of the ad unit.  The 300×250 is the pixel size of the ad unit as it appears online and the Island Ad merely describes the shape of the ad or the appearance of it being an island within a website.  Other terms used for this specific size are MPU, Rectangle Ad or Banner Ad (but banner ad is somewhat an incorrect generic term).

CPM: “Cost Per Thousand” ad impressions are an industry standard measure for selling ads on Web sites. This measure is taken from print advertising. The “M” has nothing to do with “mega” or million. It’s taken from the Roman numeral for “thousand.”

Run of Site (ROS): This means that the ad you purchase as part of the auction will run across the entire Sella site and not be targeted to any particular area.

This is just the beginning for Sella in terms of offering greater advertising opportunities to independent businesses in New Zealand.  Over the coming months these opportunities to grow your brand as well as your business leads with Sella will become even more targeted so watch this space.

7 Responses to “Advertising Reach – Giving Independent Businesses A Chance”

  1. Sella, you really need to set up a community forum and let people come and stay longer. Facebook and twitter are full of ads there, not good enough to discuss all kinds of topics and issues.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    yeah, we are seriously thinking about that. We weren’t going to, but we have got a number of requests for it over the last couple of weeks.



  3. I just spent the last 10mins or so trying to find the forum in the Community. I looked everywhere for it then found these comments, so I would like to see a forum in here too.
    Its so good to be able to communicate with other sellers.

  4. Hi Stella

    Thanks for your feedback.



  5. Alot of trademe members have said they would rather come over here but they only thing keeping them on that site is there community forum, with a forum hopefully its one step closer to making sella #1 auction site

  6. Hi Glen,

    Yip, we hear you and others – it will be coming shortly!



  7. Hopefully you’ve all noticed that its up !

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