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Growth, Growth and more Growth!!


Following on from the telethon sella.co.nz has been growing like crazy.  Traffic has grown 50% week on week to over 105,000 users each week.  We are on track to have 350,000 users this month!  up from 260,000 in July.

Total listings on the site crept over 90,000 this morning which is huge – getting closer to the magical 100,000 mark.

The best part is that our number of bids and items sold are well over 300% growth over our previous weeks which is fantastic.  This is not just growth that happened for 1 weekend, its the sustained growth that has occured the days after telethon.

We have only been going for 9 months, but it looks like everyone is liking what they see.

Thanks for your support, we have many more features to come in the next 5 months which we look forward to showing you.


6 Responses to “Growth, Growth and more Growth!!”

  1. Hi Shane
    I’ve been on the “other Auction site” for a number of years and am considering moving over to another online auction site simply because of the costs associated with selling stuff have been ever increasing!

    Question – are you going to have a online counter for the number of folk online? If so when :)

    It certainly is good to hear your increasing with traffic flow as this should mean you’ll stick around for a while and hopefully make a “reasonable” profit margin.
    All the best and as for me I hope to sell a few bit’s n pieces on yr site.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your post.

    Yip, we have been hearing that alot regarding the ever increasing costs, I think theres a difference between making a fair amount of money versus an obscene amount of money!!

    The last website I did was finda.co.nz which was based on the FREE model too, finda.co.nz is still around so we will be too!! Main thing is to get the business model right to allow a site to remain FREE, thats what we have done, so we won’t be waiting for a year and then start charging you commissions thats for sure!! You have my word on that.

    We will definitely be having an online counter on the site, along with a few other things. It is in the development pipeline (along with about 1,000 other things!! :) ).

    Anything else you think we should have or are lacking, do feel free to let us know.


  3. So you must be hiring then!? I can’t see a careers link anywhere… But I can imagine there are a lot of keen folks out there wanting to get involved in such a great project.

  4. Absolutely we are hiring.

    We already had a full team previously due to other projects we were working on (finda etc).

    If you know of anyone with good web dev skills (PHP) or customer service reps, feel free to let them get in touch.


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