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sella.co.nz – on the iPhone


We love our community here at sella.co.nz, especially when they go and do some really cool things!

Take for example iResults – who undertook to create an iPhone ready version of sella! Given we have a couple of our team who use the amazing iPhone we are really excited by this. If you have an iPhone you can hit up the iPhone ready version by visiting http://blog.isella.co.nz/ from Safari on your iPhone. (Note: you might want to save it as a webclip & run it as an iPhone App!)

Here at sella we want to make it easy for our community to build funky “mash ups” of our site, and to that end we are racing to prepare a fully functional API that you can use for these. iPhone Apps, Android Apps, Desktop Apps, RIA, web integration and much much more – it’ll be open to anyone to use! Watch this blog for news & updates as to when it’s ready!

If you want to get in touch with sella to discuss how you can use our API send us an email on info@sella.co.nz

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  1. Absolutly brilliant,
    thats going to make life easier for many people.

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