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January ” List an item on Sella ” promo winners



The winners of the ” List an Item in January ” promotion on sella are Mark and Colleen Esdot from Wellington. Congratulations guys !!

Mark and Colleen have won an overnight cruise for two aboard the Fullers Great Sights Ipipiri in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

2 Responses to “January ” List an item on Sella ” promo winners”

  1. Well done Mark & Colleen!! :)

  2. WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!

    I run around during the day as a courier, whilst Colleen looks after our online sales, so we really needed a break, especially as we haven’t slowed down since before xmas.

    Funny thing is im not fussed on boats or water, but an over night cruise, mucking around in ocean kayaks, and a huge pod of dolphins, easily 20 plus, … We are already looking forward to doing it again.

    If you have always wanted to go for am ocean cruise, but couldn’t afford the thousands for the tickets or the weeks off for even a short cruise, then this is the way to go.
    Feel like a millionaire for a weekend on a luxury cruiser with all the trimmings.

    Thanks Sella and Thanks Fullers

    Mark & Colleen Esdot

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