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Now it’s even easier to share your listings – post it to your Facebook timeline


Here’s another piece of code-trickery the boys have cooked up.

It’s now even easier to share your stuff with your mates.. put it on your Facebook timeline so everyone can see it. there’s nothing better than trading with people you know.. takes a lot of the awkwardness and hassle out of the transaction. plus, who knows.. you may end up trading with your mate Bruce, cause he’s finally ready to part with that classic BSA Thunderbird and your complete collection of series 1 lego mini figures (and display case) is an offer too good to pass up !!

Just tick the box at the bottom of the enhancements page and we’ll post it it direct to your wall. Obviously, if you don’t see the box, you’re not signed in with your Facebook account (in this case, just log out and then select ‘login with Facebook’ when you come back in).

This is great way for you to help Sella as well – the more people that see the listing, the more people find out about Sella.. and as we all know, more people = more sales and more stuff to buy :)

FB sharing

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