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sella better than ever


This week we’ve released some nice improvements to the sella website that the team here are pretty proud of. Most obviously we’ve made our four main homepages more visually pleasing and easier to navigate. So whether you’re looking for general items, travel, cars or property you can find the best deals or list your own in a couple of clicks.

Speaking of selling we’ve made listing an item easier than ever and also improved closed auctions to show similar items for sale.

There are plenty more small fixes and improvements as well and we’re making the site better all the time. If there’s anything you’d like to suggest leave a comment below, on twitter or facebook.

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Our four new homepages: general, travel, motoring and property.

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  1. Thank you for making Sella more user friendly. We are selling more than 7000 items. I highly recommend trading at Sella. With thousands of items to sell we pay no fee at all. Imagine how much we would have to pay in commissions if I had this business elsewhere? Thank you Sella.

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