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Sella.co.nz has purchased Zillion.co.nz!


Yesterday we announced that we had purchased zillion.co.nz.

This aquisition is another step in the right direction for us and we look forward to the next 3 to 6 months.

sella.co.nz has grown exponentially since starting 16 months ago to now be NZ’s 2nd largest auction site with over 400,000 users per month. We have a team of 17 people working hard every day to make Sella.co.nz NZ’s favourite online marketplace.

We work with some major partners including:

  • AirNZ – Weekly $1 reserve grabaseat flights
  • Fullers Great Sights Bay of Islands Weekly $1 Reserve auction
  • TV3 & Kidscan – the 2009 Telethon

On the 28th of April, at 5am, we will be closing down zillion.co.nz and redirecting the domain to sella.co.nz. (Learn more…)

When you combine both Sella and Zillion you have some rather impressive stats – these are:

  • 470,000 users per month
  • 250,000 members – growing at over 3,000 per week
  • 230,000 listings

This is a massive marketplace and best of all, sella.co.nz does not charge commissions or listing fees so you can now sell your products, on a larger site and keep more of the money in your own pocket! Sella only charges for featured items i.e. a Bold listing or a highlighted background.

The aim of combining the 2 sites is to create an even larger competitor to TradeMe and we are very confident that together we will continue to grow and achieve this.

Over the last couple of weeks we have spoken with a large number of Zillion members to discuss with them how best to integrate Zillion with Sella – to make sure we kept the best features of Zillion.

We know from our discussions with some of you that you have been disappointed with Zillions lack of growth over the last 18 months – but that is about to change now it is part of Sella.



24 Responses to “Sella.co.nz has purchased Zillion.co.nz!”

  1. So how much did Sella acquire Zillion for?

    Slightly off topic but the name Sella just doesn’t seem like it would be appealing for buyers lol. Why not a better name?

  2. Robert Williams Says:

    Wow nice! It’s only a matter of time before Trade Me has strong competition.

  3. Hi Mark

    can’t disclose the 1st question.

    But in regards to the name, as you may have read, finda.co.nz was a business we used to own – so when we were thinking of this site and trying for a name, we simply thought of sella.co.nz.



  4. Hi Robert

    thanks for your feedback.

    Yes we are certainly growing very fast and are setting new sales / bids records more or less everyday now.

    Fantastic response so far from the zillion acquisition, which has made us all very happy.

    Thanks again



  5. Good on you sella, keep it up and we will support you guys all the way.

  6. Hi Rai

    thanks for the positive comments, much appreciated.

    We have only been going for 16 months – so we are looking forward to seeing where we are after the next 16 months.



  7. Hi Casey,Shane & The Team @ Sella


    Good on You Mate!!! We are fully support sella bought over Zillon.co.nz and now it is the second largest auction site in New Zealand.

    Once again, Many Thanks for your big supported us @ onsales.co.nz

    Keep it up!!!

    Best Regards,

    Dan -MD/Founder for Onsales.co.nz

  8. Well done guys! It was the next logical step :)

    Looking forward to the awesome things to come!


  9. A few years ago noone thought any site could catch-up with TradeMe. With Sella’s genuine dedication to helping people grow their businesses, no listing or commission fees as well as the talented Sella team, my guesstimate is the Fairfax giant will be reined in within 7 or 8 years.

  10. Hi Geoff

    Thanks for your positive comments.

    Yeah, TradeMe has been going for over 11 years, Sella for only 16 months. So you are right, imagine where we will be in 4 or 5 years.

    We are growing every week which is fantastic

    Thanks again


  11. This is good news. TradeMe is getting rather expensive for the average joe punter, so I’m trying to do my best by spreading the word to people I know that ther IS an alternative and it IS worth using. The more people who know, the better it is for everyone.

  12. Hi George

    thats what we think too – hence why we are free! The good thing is that we are now getting to a size where people are starting to notice the sales volume coming through the site.

    Thanks for helping spread the word, your support is much appreciated.



  13. Hi Sella Team,

    Good on you guys. Keep and the good work! Soon you will be a lot better than the money hungry TradeMe.


    RN Technologies Support.

  14. Ellen Coxon Says:

    Hi Sella, I’m looking forward to the change over, because I have stuff on Zillion as well. When I signed up to Zillion and Sella I was looking for a place that was more affordable than Trademe, for the small people, specially for those tht don’t like having to pay high fees just to list and item.
    I think tht maybe Trademe has become to big for it’s boots.

    Thanks also for helping me set up my little store. I love it.

    From Auntie Ellies Collectables-new & preloved seconds.

  15. Hi Recky

    thanks for your comments – much appreciated and great to have you on board.



  16. Hi Ellen,

    Great to have you on board and we hope you love your store.


    We have some great new features that will be helping these stores coming out shortly – we will let you know when they go live.



  17. I like the merge of Sella and Zillion. Love the simple layout.
    all the best guys!

  18. Hi Larry

    thanks for the great feedback – its great to hear!

    We’ve got alot more features coming out over the next 3 months so it will only get better!



  19. Hi, is there an option we can have more listings than the 10 showing per page when we are on “my sella/selling” – thanks

  20. Hi there

    yes, hopefully by the end of next week you will have this option



  21. I just sold my DSLR camera at trade me and im out of pocket at least $100 on success fee! Good on you guys finally there’s viable alternative.

    But I’m sure as you gain more market share you will also start charging success fees and make good profit, but that’s the way it is business is business!

    All the best.

  22. Hi Neo

    its alot of money ah!

    We will never charge success fees, ever – that we can guarantee!



  23. Trademe now has competition. I am located in USA and
    was going to create something for New Zealand to compete
    with Trademe but you guys beat me to the punch!!!

    Edward S.
    Buy, Sell & Trade Broken Stuff

  24. Hey Shane, if you are interested in some Web Business Ventures
    along ths same line in othere countries and cities reach out to
    me. Info is at the bottom. Thanks!!!

    Edward S.
    Buy, Sell & Trade Broken Stuff

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