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Sella – How can you help.


Sella has been going gangbusters over the last few months, which is great – we now have over 160,000 listings, 140,000 members and 400,000 users a month – all in only 14 months of operation!

Over the last couple of months we have had many people contact us asking how they can help spread the word of sella.co.nz, which is fantastic, it is really great to have the support of so many people.

Some of the things that people have asked us about are,

  1. Flyers made up to put under car windscreen wipers at cricket / rugby games
  2. Signs made up for the wall of their buildings that are highly visible
  3. Pamphlets to include in boxes that get sent out with purchases
  4. Banners etc for their own websites

So, We would like to ask – what ideas do you have?  Nothing is too crazy as far as we are concerned.

You can get in touch and let us know your ideas by either

We look forward to all of your ideas and there will be a nice prize for the best suggestions.  We will definitely be actioning some of these suggestions..



8 Responses to “Sella – How can you help.”

  1. Hamish Middleton Says:

    Design a trailer (or attachment on a ute) that you can tow around that has a water tank and a ‘Sella’ template just above ground height. Whenever you stop at lights, an intersection, carpark or just pull over you could automatically spray a ‘Sella’ watermark from the comfort of your vehicle . Depending on the temperature, a stamp could last quite awhile and be highly visible. Could also have the ‘Sella’ logo on the water tanks for added advertising. If you want to get more cheeky you could increase the water pressure and leave a stamp that lasts a bit longer (on smooth surfaces) as it would leave a clean mark (Sella) on the ground. Would make a great photo having a dozen ‘Sella’ watermarks outside the Trademe headquarters.

  2. Make Daron get a Sella tattoo.

  3. Magnets… always handy and always at eye-level on the fridge.

  4. Hi, I think media hype make it Sella versus Trademe make a media statement saying you are going to get ahead of trademe in the next year or two and if trademe says something back you have a nice story that could get in the news more than once if you play it right. stir it up hard just make sure you have a realy good front person doing some smooth talking, that will get people looking:)

  5. Create a widget for people to add to their websites and blogs. You may wish to offer 10 cents per click through. The link could be to a specific section on Sella. My blog for example could link to farming and foretry or pets & animals. Payments could be direct credited to NZ bank accounts once a certain $ threshold is reached.

  6. Hi, (1) Send a letter to everyone in you database that tells new people about sella and the pros etc that they can forward on to there contacts (Beleave me there are alot of people keen to jump ship from trademe, (2) Encourage people to list on both sites as they can obviously safe themself $$$ if it sells through you (an I have been known to stear buyers from trademe to you site) using questions (3) You should join up with the like of trade and exchange and all the little bay traders etc as they either dont have or are pathetic websites they have and Im sure it will be win win for both.. Thanks and keep going strong!!!

  7. It seems to me both Air NZ,Grab a seat and Sella have not ventured to Japan or are out of touch with peoples needs. Why I say that is the 6 or 7 days they allow is a joke. You are travelling about a day of that and believe it or not you need between 3 and 4 weeks to do a trip justice. I travel to Japan once a year for family reasons using Air NZ . It would be nice to have an opportunity to bid on a trip of that nature. The past year or so we have been watching and it has never happened

  8. Hi, I love the hotel auctions, but could we have one the you can take your kids along too, ours are very nice and we like spending time with them!

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