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sella in print


There were some good comments on our last Traffic post with ways we could advertise the site. Well today we’ve gone ahead and put a full page ad in The New Zealand Herald.

You can see it on page B4 of the paper or click here to see the one we’ve got on the wall at sella HQ.

3 Responses to “sella in print”

  1. Thats great :) , hopefully this site will succeed and be a competitor to trademe.

  2. I think bebo is another great way to advertise because of many kiwi’s are using bebo site.
    Here is what they have stated on their site:
    “Sponsorship Plan:
    If you forecast a monthly budget of $5,000 or more, and are interested in learning about Bebo’s special engagement marketing programs, contact Bebo’s Ad Sales team by using the form below.”
    I think it should be a great way to advertise on bebo because I have seen so many seek ads and they are getting most traffic from bebo and adwords so why not advertise on bebo and sella will get even more traffic and exposure.
    Just my thoughts.

  3. I’d say facebook would be an even better option.

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