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Right.. here’s one that might be a bit of fun. The more we think about it, the more different ways it can be used. Im sure you’ll find ways we never thought of..
Now you can list your items for sale on your Facebook page.. We don’t want to give you too much info at this stage as we don’t want to limit the ways you might think about using it.

Basically, we imagine this one being of use to you small guys who don’t have a website of your own – you can push all of your listings to your page and then direct your customers there to view your stock – hell, they might even like your page while they’re at it ;)

Or you bigger guys can push selected stock to the app to run as ‘specials’, rather than all of your Sella listings. now you’re engaging with your existing customer base, as they’ll be able to find your things on sale via the app.

To get started, check the details in the help section and don’t forget to tell us what you think.. on here, or Facebook or via helpdesk@sella.co.nz.

Hey, make sure you like our Facebook fan page too.
*the App is currently in beta mode, so there will almost certainly be a few improvements along the way.

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Quick little FAQs:

Who can use it?

Anyone.. all you need is a Sella account with some listings in it, and a Facebook account (you’ll also need a ‘page’ for your organisation/business – this is different to your personal FB page).

How do I install it?

Have a look at the help section it includes an install link.

How much does it cost?

we’re rolling it out today and it will be free..

at a later date, we will support this with advertising, but you’ll likely be able to buy a monthly subscription to remove the advertising.

How much will it be?

We don’t know yet, but I think you know us well enough by now, that you know we’re not going to charge you a million bucks for this – we have a history of not charging for anything, but we do need to cover the cost of the muffins in the lunchroom on Friday and this seemed like an easy and fair way to do it.

How can I make it more visible?

I’d recommend moving the App on your page to make it easier to find. You can also change the default image and text to make it better reflect how you plan to use the app..

“our latest product for sale” etc

We might work on adding this info to the help pages soon

Can I make a suggestion?

Shoot ! send em in via helpdesk@sella.co.nz or try the message board

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