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Spring Cleaning


springcleaningWondering what to do with the extra daylight hours?

Maybe the kids want extra pocket money during the school holidays?

Whatever the reason, spring is a great time to clean your house from top to bottom and get rid of things you no longer need or use. Here are 5 tips for running a successful spring auction on sella.

  1. Pictures speak a thousand words and you can have up to 10 photos on sella for free. Make sure they are a good size and decent quality.
  2. Write accurate titles and descriptions using keywords that will help people find your auction using sella search.
  3. Set your auction to close in the evening, sella is busiest between 8 and 10pm Monday to Thursday.
  4. Figure out shipping costs in advance and think about allowing pickups as well.
  5. Make your auction $1 reserve, people love a bargain and will often bid higher than if you fix a reserve price.

With no fees for listing, selling or extra features it’s a lot cheaper to trade on sella than other sites.
List an item now.

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