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Traffic Stats for August


After Telethon and our last Growth, Growth and more Growth!! post sella is really kicking into top gear. We finished August with 359,000 unique users making us the 19th most popular site in New Zealand according to Nielsen Online – the first time we’ve cracked the top 20!

We’ve got over 100,000 members on sella now and most exciting for us is how you’re all really engaging with the site. Pageviews doubled in August to almost 6 million and the number of bids and items sold are up 300%.

As we grow we’re continually trying to make the site better and there are many ways to tell us what you want. Leave a comment here on the blog, talk with us on twitter and facebook or email our helpdesk.

7 Responses to “Traffic Stats for August”

  1. Hey

    One thing that I would like is that in my watch/bidding list is to see which auctions I’m leading. I know theres another tab for it.. but when you’re bidding on 10 of an identical item as I was with Mt Hutt ski tickets.. you basically have to go between the tabs a few times to figure out which ones you’re not leading.. or just open all auctions in new tabs.

    Thanks Sella. Keep it up!!!


  2. Hi Warren,

    funny you mention that, its going out in next weeks release – that and a whole bunch of other stuff too.



  3. I think sella needs to advertise on tv and gain more exposure, that way they can become more competitive against trademe.

  4. Good to see you guys giving TM a run for their money. I’m all for competition and consumer choice.

    What you guys now need is a good community forum to entice the folks to stay here in between trading. Not a cheapo forum like the other crowd have but a proper forum like what you get with the Invision software that has all the bells and whistles and filters out all the abusive rubbish that infests the TM board.

    Plus get yourselves on the social networking sites like facebook – the exposure on those sort of sites can be phenomenal.

  5. Scrap that last bit – I see that you are already on facebook.

  6. Why dont sella advertise with bebo they should pay bebo to put a banner of sella website on top of bebo website and that way they can get more users from new zealand because there’s a lot of kiwi’s on bebo. Lets hope they will do that I mean if each and every one of us pay at least $1 for the advertising cost we can make this site better for sella and also ourselves. If sella need my donation I’m here to support them.

  7. [...] were some good comments on our last Traffic post with ways we could advertise the site. Well today we’ve gone ahead and put a full page ad in [...]

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