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Zillion.co.nz merger completed


This morning at 4am we kicked off the merger of Zillion members and listings into Sella.co.nz. When you are trying to transfer this much data there is bound to be a few things that can go wrong – but I’m pleased to say that apart from a couple of minor errors everything went smoothly.

So a big welcome to all our new members from zillion – you are now part of a community of over 250,000 like minded people who like to buy and sell commission free. Sella is having over 2,500 members a week join us and this is increasing every week.

A massive thanks to all the guys in Sella HQ who worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to get to this day & a huge thank you to Mikey who led the data merge, there was so much information in his head we thought it might explode! A big thanks to Dylan & Shane from zillion.co.nz who worked with us as well to make it go as smoothly as it has.

Personally, even though the last 4 months have seen our growth really take off, I’m looking super forward to the next 12 months as I feel its just started. There is nothing better than seeing record growth of bids, sales & other activity occurring every week.

During the next 6 months we will be releasing a large number of features to sella.co.nz which we hope you will all like and use – they are all built with one thing in mind – making it easier for our members to buy and sell stuff.

If any of our members have any feedback, good or bad, please let us know either in the comments below, or via our contact page.

Thanks again


12 Responses to “Zillion.co.nz merger completed”

  1. Well done guys – big chocolate fishes all round ! :)

  2. Absolutely, maybe even a couple of them!!

    Lots of good stuff coming up too.



  3. Well done and we hope it goes well for you.

    If we sell a few of our products, we will send you and your team some complimentary ones !

    See “juliebabe25″

    (ps not the lingerie !)

  4. Well, I am a bit disappointed. Because I have all this really old irrelevant feedback from zillion days trasferred which I would rather have left on the site. Even though it is all positive, I started on sella to keep everything separate. I also don’t really understand what I am supposed to do with the account credit. Are auctions not going to be free any more?

  5. Hi Digby

    Hopefully we sell more than a few!!

    Thanks for the comments



  6. Hi Gemma

    Auctions will always be commission free, what you can use the credit for now is Enhancements to listings – you can read about them here




  7. Wonderful news! May this site grow and grow and grow.


  8. Hi Alan

    thanks for the comments – much appreciated



  9. On the whole, the amalgamation is good news for all (except TM perhaps!)
    Like a lot of TM traders, I use the EasyLister software to keep track of my listings on TM.

    The writers of this s/w (which is free BTW) have been asked a few times if they will be setting it up for use on Sella as well, but up till now it hasn’t been worth their while to do the extra programming (or so I believe).

    Now that Sella will be a lot bigger, hopefully EasyLister will consider doing it – will Sella cooperate to enable this advancement on the online-trading scene in NZ?

    Being able to use one software to manage listings on both TM and Sella must be good for everyone, it would certainly encourage me to list more here…

  10. Hi Bob

    thanks for your comments, and yes we hope it is not good news for TM too :)

    Yes, we get on well with the team at Snipesoft who make the easylister tool. They started work on getting easylister working for sella last month.

    Heres a link to their blog so you can keep in touch with them – http://snipesoft.net.nz/blog/post/166

    Its a great tool they have written and like sella it is free, so we love that!


    The Sella Team

  11. If one has an ID on zillion that not the same as the one we created here, does that matter?

  12. Hi kkbelle

    have passed this onto Ewan in customer services – he will be in touch.



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