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Store Search and “My Products” importer


As always, we work hard to make things better and easier for you, the sella faithful. So we’re pleased to announce  a few more new features to sella.

It is now possible to search within store/member listings. Just go to the store/member details page and the new search box is on the right besides the categories.

Also added is the ability to import your Trade Me”My Products”, just in time to skip the fee increases on “the other site” ;) . In drafts there is now an import button which takes the export file from the My Products page. If you do it quickly, we’ll give you $25 free sella credit to promote your listings! ;)

There are a few limitations with the importer (ie. no images) but it should help you move products over to sella. If you are doing 1000+ products, let us know (http://www.sella.co.nz/help/about-sella/contact-help-desk/) and we’ll see if we can help you out.

Once you’ve imported all of those products into your drafts, the new “Publish Now” button will bulk publish those imported listings.

Feedback, as always, is welcome!

Check out the help section for more info about our importer.


2 Responses to “Store Search and “My Products” importer”

  1. It would be great if you can do some changes on stores web links. (I cannot explain you in an expert way as I know basic about computer. So please don’t laugh if it cannot be happen :)

    http://www.sella.co.nz/store/4kptcj/ziwi-co-nz/ (this is not my store, by the way) can you exclude “4kptcj” between “store and ziwi-co-nz”. I am thinking to create a store here and sell my handmade stuffs and i thought if i can easily tell how to go to my store to my customers like, sella.co.nz/store/sheerin than saying sella.co.nz/store/4ghhfgf/sheerin or go to this website, click this and that and write sheerin on search box.

    One other thing that i think we should have an option for store owners that they can list their products for about 2 or 3 months without expiring every week. (If products are $1reserve that’s ok for 7 days, but for buy now price, if it dont sell, we have to relist again and again)

    I hope you can see my points :)

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Sheerin,

    Thanks for your message and your suggestions. The shortening of the Store URL is something that we have definitely considered and have plans to implement this in the future.
    We actually had a ability many years ago for stores to have long listing times however it was seldomly used and therefore withdrawn.

    Any further suggestions from anyone though please do contact us.


    The Sella team

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