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Sella April Review


Interesting Stats

We had some massive growth in April.  In terms of activity on the site we grew more from March to April, than we did from October last year to March this year!!

Our members now top 250,000 and listings are almost at 240,000.

Two key stats that we look at internally are Questions on Auctions & Watchers on Auctions – this is a great indicator of people finding stuff that they like.  As you can see from the graphs below, they are really taking off and have been since the start of this year.

Here’s our overall site stats for April:

Number of people who visited sella in April* 338,025
Number of Members 253,070
Number of pages viewed in April* 4,301,949
Busiest day of the week* Thursday
Busiest hour of the day* 8-9pm

* Google Analytics April 2010

Questions on Auctions

Auction Watches

Changes on sella

During April, there were a number of changes made to sella, these included:

Cool new listing enhancements
Increased security with credit card verification
- New community page with Member search
- Not to mention the welcome addition of all the Zillion members to Sella!


Sella on Facebook

There’s continued growth of people liking Sella on the Sella facebook page, we’ve now getting close to 7,000 likes! We use this fanpage to communicate some of the interesting things and events on Sella. We encourage you to comment.

Like sella? Visit the Sella facebook page and show your appreciation!

29 Responses to “Sella April Review”

  1. It is good to see that sella’s auction site is increasing with viewers and members! Hopefully someday sella with be the top auction site in New Zealand! Besides i wonder why people are on trademe nearly anything you do on it costs money. Besides trademe just wants to make money!

  2. Hi Iraaz,

    we hope so too!!



  3. hey when will you be getting some proper message board like on tm

  4. Hi Steve

    We probably won’t be going down the same Message Board route as TradeMe – we find that 99% of the content on those is nothing to do with buying and selling.

    We will continue with our Blog, Twitter and Facebook communication channels.



  5. New Zealand’s Commission Free Auctions is why I am here, Sella is going to keep growing, as the tide turns against another. Keep climbing Sella sales.

  6. Another improvement I’d really like to see is the capability to view auctions as a list (with smallish photos). The current format is nice, but really hard if you want to quickly browse through a large number of items. The number of items on sella is growing quite strongly, so for me as an online shopper it is important to be able to browse a bit more quickly…

  7. Another thought – the reasons for a forum in sella are only partially to enable discussion on trades and the site. The main reason for having forum is the same reason why all casinos have a restaurant – not to make money on the food, but to give you a reason not to leave…

  8. Hi Karen

    Great to hear your feedback – we continue to grow really strongly as more people find us.



  9. Hi Hinne

    The forums are good, but can sometimes be overtaken with silly comments etc, for us it will be another thing to moderate and make sure people don’t abuse them.

    But hopefully the community will help with the moderation.



  10. Hi Shane,
    I think you are wrong re forums. They are great marketing tool for all participants. Even when we chat about nothing, people often click on usernames to see what others sell – and get hooked.
    I’m sure this is one of the reasons why Sella is still small.
    Give people a chance to socialize, and they will make this place their home.
    Networking and get-togethers are parts of successful trading, and should be provided with room on auction site, not outside.

  11. Hi Marika,

    Currently we’ve got an equal number of people who are asking for forums versus people who are saying keep forums away – but its definitely swinging towards having them.

    In terms of sella being small, we grew 40% month on month last month – so we are certainly growing. We’ve only been around for 16 months, give it another 16 months (versus TradeMe’s 11.5 years) and we will be even larger.

    But I hear you (and others!) about simply using the forums to just chat.



  12. I hope sella continues on its growth pattern of the last month or two especially after the comments posted on the other site re the increase of fees. I second the vote for the forum and it has been bought up as a negative on the other site (sella not having one)

  13. Hi Jenny

    Yip, we hear you – and others. We will be building one shortly.



  14. Hi. I’m sure you are following the discussions on Trademe with interest. I am one of the bigger sellers on Trademe and do intend listing here soon. I believe you have the best chance out of all the recent ‘also rans’ of becoming a serious competitor for Trademe with your professional approach to date.
    I don’t believe you will have any problems attracting sellers with your set up and I’m sure your listings have risen sharply over the last couple of days.
    Perhaps now is the time for you to focus on getting buyers in rather than marketing principally to sellers, once sales get on a roll both buyers and sellers will flock to your site.
    You may be planning to go down that track anyway, just thought I’d add my 2 cents worth.
    Keep up the good work :-)

  15. Hi Don

    Thanks for your email and feedback.

    We have noticed a massive increase in people coming to the site in the last 5 to 6 weeks which has seen our activity on the site go up exponentially. Buyers adding items to watchlists, bids etc are all going up in the right direction.

    Thanks again for your great feedback and support. When you start listing contact us and we can set you up a store – these are great for your branding.



  16. I have been following the discussions on Trademe with interest and the result is; I have reactivated my account here.

  17. Hi Lynette

    Thats great – yes, the message boards over there are getting lit up at the moment – especially with the latest price rise.

    If you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact us here




  18. Just joined Sella, have listed aorund 30 items so far, will add another 30 when my next delivery arrives and gradually build up to around 250………currently list 500-600 on the other site. Am promoting sella to my TM customers when I send them tracking information.

    “Want to buy cheaper next time………check out my Sella listings.” I list on both sites and my prices are 7% cheaper on Sella. “

  19. Hi Kevan

    Fantastic to have you on board

    Heres a link to your store too – http://www.sella.co.nz/store/5qhmcp/oneputt/



  20. Well its all looking good
    Set up our new cardemon store late last week, running close to 4500 listings, since saturday we’ve had a remarkable 3500 views, growing everytime i refresh lol.

    Were getting the sales coming steadily through Esdotia, our main store, and are working on getting a huge number of listings up over the next week, and were talking 1000 plus.
    We are also looking at our stock pricing structure, there is no reason why we cant offer small items for LESS than 1 dollar, the same stuff we had to list at over $1.50 each or in bigger qty’s, and some stuff we have never listed as it just isn’t practical.

    Lets get this site pumping :)

  21. Hi Mark & Colleen

    Great to hear!!

    Thanks for all your support. Drop us a line if you ever need anything else.



  22. Guacamole Says:

    Any chance of showing us numbers on y axis for both indicators?

  23. Hi Guacamole,

    We will do in the near future – part of the reason we haven’t been is they are fairly sensitive.



  24. I have joined this site as I saw it mentioned on the Trademe message boards. With the rising Trademe fees I figured I would give this site a go! Will wait for address verification to arrive and will then become more active. So far I’m loving the layout, and the gallery listings! Well done, and I hope the growth on this site continues at a steady rate :)

  25. Hi Lisa

    Thanks for your comments and welcome aboard!!

    Yes, the trademe fee increases have been very good for our business :)



  26. Hey are you guys going to have a credit card option we could put on our auctions anytime soon?

  27. Hi Sam,

    yes, its on the drawing board. Its quite a big job, but we have started down the road.



  28. Paul vernon Says:

    I’m looking for a PA mixer secondhand but when I put mixer in the search box all that comes up are new ones?Does this this mean there are no secondhand ones? Thanks

  29. Hi Paul

    there are a couple 2nd hand ones online, but they don’t last very long. they get snapped up pretty quickly.



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