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Sella March Review


Interesting Stats

growthFor March Sella came in as the 21st busiest New Zealand website*.

Here’s our overall site stats for March:

Number of people who visited sella in March* 340,155
Number of Members 147,937
Number of pages viewed in March* 3,905,409
Busiest day of the week* Thursday
Busiest hour of the day* 9-10pm

* Nielsen Online March 2010

Changes on sella

During March, there were a number of changes made to sella, these included:

Newly refreshed and updated design
Search improvements for greater relevancy of results
$1 reserve section which is growing in popularity

With these changes came greater user interaction with the site:

- 32% more bids placed in March compared with February
- 17% more value sold in March compared with February
- 12% more items sold through “Buy Now” compared with February
- Record number of questions asked on auctions
- Record number of people watching auctions


Sella on Facebook

There’s continued growth of fans on the Sella facebook fanpage, we’ve now surpassed 5,000 fans and we’re nearing 6,000. We use this fanpage to communicate some of the interesting things and events on Sella. We encourage you to comment.

If you are not a fan, visit the Sella facebook fanpage and become one!

11 Responses to “Sella March Review”

  1. gary stewart Says:

    i would love sella to out do trademe on hits per sale but right now not getting the hits on car sales with sella?

  2. gary stewart Says:

    who owns sella?trademe?

  3. Hi Gary,

    Important to note that TradeMe has been around for 11 years, whereas Sella has been around for just over 15 months, so yes we aren’t as big as TradeMe now, but as you can see we are certainly growing in the right direction.

    The last 3 months we grew more than the previous 12 months. Every week now we are showing more and more activity on the site.

    In response to your other question, TradeMe is owned by FairFax Media Group. Sella is owned by http://www.ideahq.co.nz.



  4. Is there anyway you can advertise like on TV, Papers etc… so people know you are around… have have put the word around. Cheers great site. :-)

  5. Hi Tarnz,

    thanks for helping out!!

    We are in papers like the nzherald quite a bit – as well as advertising on other online sites like realestate.co.nz etc.

    We’ve got a few massive promotions coming up, so these should be great for our profile too

    Thanks again for your support



  6. Ellen Coxon Says:

    I would just like to say well done Sella, with the purchase of Zillion. Maybe after all we can do better than trademe.

  7. Hi Ellen

    thanks for your feedback – will be exciting times for us all over the next few months.



  8. Congrats on the purchase of Zillion.

    I hope you do well.

    We got a personal phone call from Shane ! (that was nice)

    I think the best advertising comes from word of mouth.

    If you advertise, it should be aimed at buyers not sellers. WE need buyers and sales.

    If we sold more things, we would list more things !

  9. Hey Digby

    Thanks for your comments!

    Yes, we find word of mouth works for us too, a recommendation from someone you know is the best form of advertising there is.

    In terms of buyers – we had a record week last week, and so far this week is up again! But we are working on ways of getting more – watch this space!!

    Thanks again


  10. People want to see a large range of products for sale, with this they can work out what they want to pay. Sometimes this may be over a period of time or if they need it now they want to see more than one.
    The best way I can help is to list , look and buy.
    I have decided to use you over Trademe as I think your stated view of profit to live with instead of gross greed suits my view of life. Good on you. I will tell who I can. We need more business ethics like this.

  11. Hi David

    thanks for your great comments – great to have you on board!



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