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Sella May Review


We had some good gains during May and received a lot of great feedback. From this feedback we’ve listened and have announced that we’re working on getting message boards up and running.

Interesting Stats

Our members now close to 260,000 and listings are almost at 250,000.

Here’s our overall site stats for May:

Number of visits to sella in May* 591,659
Number of Members 259,981
Number of pages viewed in April* 4,736,240
Busiest day of the week* Thursday
Busiest hour of the day* 8-9pm

* Google Analytics May 2010

You’ll see in the graphs below, there has been decent growth across these factors – this is a great indicator of people finding stuff that they like.

May Watchers

May Auctions Met Reserve

May Questions

May Feedback


Sella on Facebook

There’s continued growth of people liking Sella on the Sella facebook page, we’ve grown to more that  8,000 likes! We’re not far off 10,000 fans! Help us get there by becoming a fan of Sella on facebook & don’t forget to suggest Sella to your friends.

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10 Responses to “Sella May Review”

  1. no fee, go away trademe

  2. Sella is the future! Greedy trademe sucks!

  3. trade me charges are too much.. greedy greedy.. keep up the good work sella.

  4. Your are getting better everyday this it very obvious from our sucessful sales to date. Keep it up give TM a run, they have had a monopoly for too long and have abuse it!

  5. Excellent news!! No more Trade Me…

  6. this is great news, bring it on!

  7. Hi Brian

    Thats great to hear re your sales, they are increasing sitewide every day!



  8. Hi Bobby, Bola, Em & Will,

    thanks for your support, great to have you on board.



  9. I have been Trade Me for many years, had couple of hundred positive feedbacks and very few negative/neutral feedbacks, just months ago had problem with a buyer, then Trade Me called me and threatened me specifically that they’ll close my account if I got one more negative feedback.

    I was feeling been treated unfairly as they only heard one side of story as usual, I had discussed with my lawyers and was ready to prosecute, then I found your website and decided why shall I waste my energy to someone who’s so arrogant and rude, when I can start over here fresh.

    I don’t know how much money I made for Trade Me, and always keep my positive feedback above 96%+, but if this’s the way they abuse their power towards their royal members, then it’ll be a good time for a new change.

    I’m not sure am I the only one or there’re others like me, but I wish my story will reach to others who might have faced similar situations, and I just want them to know that you do have a choice.

  10. welcome aboard Leo.. im the new guy at sella.co.nz. let us know if you have any questions about getting everything set-up right first time – helpdesk@sella.co.nz

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