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Improved Business Details for Stores


The designers have been hard at work again making it easier for you the store owners.

1. About Us

This is a great opportunity for you the store owner to tell the customer more about who you are and what you do, get on a personal level with your customers.

Try and give the buyers as much information you can, the better your credentials the more sales you are potentially going to make.

You must sell yourself and your business.

Store Map

Have a retail store?

Or allow pick-ups from home?
Do customers need to find your business?

Let the customers know where you are physically located.

They might feel more secure in picking up the product in person, try and sell them an upgrade model or something that complements the winning auction.

3. Store Photos

As customers are buying online, they might find it difficult to relate your online store with a real business.

Load up as many photos you can of the store front, the reception, or even just your workshop where the products are created or stored.

Additional pictures will make customers feel more comfortable to bid on your auctions.

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