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Ever thought of running the length of New Zealand? Sergeant Alexander McKenzie has already done the equivalent of this four times in 2009, and he has no plans to stop just yet.

McKenzie has already run more than 7000 kilometres this year as he trains to be one of the first New Zealand representatives at the 24 Hour Ultra Distance Commonwealth Running Championships

McKenzie is one of only three athletes, and the only male, who has been picked to represent New Zealand [...]

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The Big Night Telethon is getting close !! Less than 4 weeks to go now and things are really starting to heat up at sella. If you want to know more about the Big Night in visit their website. Sella is the official auction site for the “Big Auction” and we will have over 100 items up for grabs over the 8th and 9th of August. Auctions will start from the 27th of July with new items starting every day. [...]

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